Suicide Prevention Awareness Month (Brazil's Yellow September) - Lecture on suicide.

As part of Suicide Prevention Awareness Month, Brazil's Yellow September, a time to raise awareness on this urgent and stigmatized topic. Today I went to "AEVP Renato Gonçalves Rodrigues" detention center in Americana to talk with the institution’s staff members about "Suicide". Always an excellent opportunity to talk about such an important...

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Teens and Family Relationships

Attending the thoughtful invitation from the Confirmation Team at Comunidade Santa Clara de Americana , today we talked with the 2018 confirmation candidates’ parents about some adolescent specificities and how we, as parents, can establish a tranquil and non-traumatic everyday relation with our kids. It is satisfying meeting people interested in the intellectual and ...

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Psicólogo Gilberto Garcia - Atendimento Psicoterapêutico

Depression is not a Joke

Tonight was a night to be amongst friends from the Capítulo Juventude Barbarense da Ordem Demolay, in the Masonic Temple Campos Salles II and talk about a serious and important subject: Depression. Thank you, Lucas Fujii and Messias Roberto Rodrigues, for the invitation, trust, and reception. Congratulations to the family Demolay for the theme of choice. Depression is not ...

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