Gilberto Garcia – Psychologist

CRP 06/100048


My name is Gilberto, and I'm a clinical psychologist. Being a psychologist was what I always wanted. Of course, life circumstances sometimes lead us to modify, anticipate or postpone our projects.

It was no different for me, but even though I had to postpone my Project for a long time - yes! Project with a capital “P”, given its importance, the responsibility it demands, and how much I longed for it - that never stopped me from studying the theme and putting it into practice - with responsibility and foundation - what I had learned.

I see this period as preparation. A period in time that played the role of bringing me closer and closer to the moment to put it [the project] into practice.

Twenty years had passed when I finally realized it was the right time to make my Dream - for the same reasons mentioned before, also with a capital "D" - come true. I invested my time in Active Listening, and whenever possible, also counseling people I had a relationship with or people that I crossed paths in life.

It was a good time that involved a significant amount of learning, exchange of knowledge, and experiences that made it possible for me to create resources, techniques, and strategies associated with Jungian Analytical Psychology - a clinical approach that I identify and recognize as essential. All that combined enabled me to offer my clients differentiated observation and listening to work on their potentialities, overcome difficulties and emotional hurting and finally have a balanced life.

My psychology degree was just the beginning. After that, I invested my time in continuing education and specialization in essential areas which amongst I would highlight:

Despite my experience in other segments, I have also decided to work with adolescents, young adults, and adults.
I look forward to hearing from you.

Best regards.