Month: February 2017

Risk Factors

Yunes e Szymanski (2001, pp. 24-25) explains that risk factors refer to adverse life events that enhance the chances of physical, social, and emotional issues present in one's life if those factors become a risk or not will depend on the behaviors that one has in mind...

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Social Competence

Lazarus and Folkman (apud Yunes and Szyamanski, 2001, p.30) define stress as "a particular relationship between a person and the environment that it appreciates as exceeding their resources, which endangers their well-being." The opponent – can work as a reliever of negative aspects emerging from stressful situations...

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Resilience and Vulnerability

The set of intrapsychic and social processes that enable the individual to develop a healthy life is known as resilience even when living in an unhealthy environment. The process results from the combination of individual attributes and the family, social and cultural environment. (ASSIS, PESCE and AVANCI, p.19, 2006). Thus, ...

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