Non-judgemental: An everyday practice we should all have.

Non-judgemental: An everyday practice we should all have.

Almost five months after being at Batuíra Spiritual Centerin Santa Bárbara d’Oeste-SP,I reunited with them once more. On this occasion, we reflect upon a typical behavior amongst all humans: the habit of criticizing and judging peoplethat we know and, even worse, the ones we don't.

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We talked about what this behavior can trigger at one who’s the object - I believe a better definition would be “victim” - of our action.

This encounter wasn’t enough to talk all we needed about the subject and continued after I left. After all, it would be pretentious to expect discussing everything about it, but it fit its purpose. The message that remained was enough to cause discomfort and made us question ourselves if the impulse and need to judge other people's choices is indeed necessary and valuable.

So grateful for the opportunity and reception.

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